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"Flash-Recorder-3" self-recording voltmeters are intelligent measuring devices that can measure and record measurement results and are able to analyze signals, compare them with specified threshold values, amplitude and actual value of the signal, as well as filter and analyze with continuous streaming data collection at high speed in real time. In fact, the built-in ARM processor performs the functions of a signal processor. The presence of 4 cores and a large RAM allows you to separate the streams of calculations and data collection for continuous collection without skipping for a long time and write data to a removable flash disk with a history (data up to the moment the signal goes beyond the tolerances specified in the device configuration file) and a history of a given size (up to 1 GB), which allows you to design monitoring systems for a variety of parameters and tracking the state of the measuring complex or system. If there is a network or the Internet, the device can be included in a distributed data collection system, it can automatically monitor the status of sensors or any other signal sources and sends messages to a remote computer or server that contain the device and channel numbers, time and value of an event that has exceeded the set value.