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Voltmeter Flash-Recorder-3 М1

Start/stop of information collection - remote start at the operator's command via the WiFi-wireless interface of the PC, at the command via the digital cable communication line of the device with the PC, when the information signal level of one of the measuring channels is exceeded.


Device Device management - an industrial computer or laptop providing communication with the device via the digital cable line or via radio exchange (WiFi connection of the PC and the device)


The distance to the device communicating via radio exchange when connecting an external access point with an antenna is at least 500 m

When communicating via a digital cable line, 30 m

System power supply: battery 12V 17Ah or

through the adapter from the 220V network =5% + 19 V =5%, current consumption

circuits 19 V,, not more than 2.5 A

Dimensions: length/width/height, 422/340/172 mm

Weight with battery, not more than 12 kg

Description : Manual_FlashRecorder3M1M2

Technical specifications:

The design is an external case design.

Technical characteristics of the device

Number of analog input channels (multiplexed)

with a common wire /diff. 32/16

ADC resolution, 16-bit

Input impedance of at least 100 mOhm

Bandwidth (-3 dB), at least 100 kHz

The limits of the permissible basic reduced error of DC voltage measurements, not more than 0.5 %

The limits of the permissible basic reduced error of AC voltage measurements (with a frequency of up to 5 kHz) are not more than 1 %

Maximum polling frequency in a single-channel mode, 100 kHz

The input signal range is bipolar in voltage,±10 V

Power supply of external sensors (inputs 62IN...): not more than 20 mA

voltage (unipolar), 12 V

Power supply of external sensors (BNC ICP inputs): current mA, not more than 10

voltage (unipolar) not more than 24 V

Type of input connectors for ICP sensors-BNC;

For sensors with unipolar power supply-62IN (block socket)

Permissible input overload ±30V (with on and off power); ±30V

Insulation resistance of input and output circuits

relative to the housing, at least 1 mOhm

The duration of data collection at the sampling rate

500 kHz, min., at least, 10