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2 channels amplifier УП-2ТР 

UP-2TR dual-channel amplifier for load cells with the resistance of 100, 200, 1000 ohms is available in modifications as a board and in a cases


 Technical specifications:


Bandwidth -3dB, Hz: 0...10 000

Input impedance (impedance), MOm: 1000

Input range, mV: 0...100

Connection diagram of strain gages: full bridge/half bridge

Load cell power supply: direct current, mA 10/5

The power supply of the amplifier is bipolar, V: + / - 12

Overall dimensions:

in the version of the p / board, mm: 20 x 56.5

in the housing version, aluminum housing with flanges, mm: 90 x 35 x 30

Gain factor (on request): 100, 200, 400