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THA/THC Thermocouple Signal Amplifier (Type J/K)

Усилитель для Термопар ТХА ТХКУсилитель для Термопар ТХА ТХК

Amplifier board for THA thermocouples/THC

it is designed for connecting thermocouples to self-recording voltmeters S-Recorder-E/L/2-16, Flash-Recorder-2-16/3 of all modifications and other devices with ADC having analog inputs.

It has a built-in cold junction compensation operating in the range

temperatures from 0C to +50C

The number of channels 8

Temperature measurement range with the use of

thermocouples of the THA type from 0 to 1300 S

Temperature measurement error

+/- 1 degree C

Power supply +5V 0.5 A