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External case design

Number of analog input channels (multiplexed)

with a common wire




ADC resolution  

12 bit


gain factors

1, 2, 5, 10

Input impedance

At least 10 MOm

Bandwidth (-3 dB)

At least  30 kHz 

Maximum polling frequency in a single-channel mode

100 kHz

The input signal range 

Bipolar in voltage

±10V; ±5V; ±2V; ±1 V

Input overload

± 30 V 

DAC Resolution (option)

12 bit

Number of DAC channels  (option)


Input voltage ranges

± 9,5 V

Device management

USB 2.0 

Distance to the device

Up to 5 meters

Operating conditions


0 ...+55 °С


0...90 %


length/ width/ height

160 mm/ 95 mm/ 40 mm


0.2 kg


The S-Recorder-E self-recording voltmeter is the most affordable device to solve a number of tasks through collecting and viewing real time data from a wide range of sensors with analog output, such as temperature, pressure, humidity sensors, current shunts, accelerometers, microphones, piezo elements and many others.

This device is intended primarily for university students and graduate students to replace outdated recorders. It allows you to make an experiment quickly and efficiently as well as collect data, visualize the process, using both ready-made programs from the delivery package, and programming models to develop your own data collection and process it.

It is convenient for automating technological processes, building stands for the development and debugging various equipment that includes electronic components, sensors, and so forth.

You can download the description here: Manual_SRecorderE

Technical specification: