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External case

Number of analog input channels (multiplexed)

with a common wire




ADC resolution  

12 bit


gain factors

1, 10, 100, 200

Input impedance

not less, than 10 MOm

Bandwidth (-3 dB)

not less, than 30 kHz

Maximum polling frequency in a single-channel mode

100 kHz

(multichannel mode


The input signal range 

Bipolar in voltage

±10V; ±1V; ±0,1V; ±0,05 V

Input overload

± 30 V (power on)

± 10 V (power off)

DAC Resolution

12 bit

Number of DAC channels


Input voltage ranges

± 10 V

Device management

USB 2.0  

Distance to the device

Up to 5 m

Operating conditions


0 ...+55 °С


0...90 %

The self-recording voltmeter S-Recorder-L is the oldest in the S-Recorder line in relation to the S-Recorder-E, it has two main differences: a built-in DAC of 12 digits with 2 channels and an amplifier with more sensitive ranges, which allow to work directly with sources with weak signals, such as thermocouples and so on.

You can download the description here: Manual_SRecorderL

Technical specification: