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Control system for equipment and rotation of a short-radius Centrifuge


To provide automatic control of the rotation drive of the short-radius centrifuge (CCR) and automatic control of attachments to conduct experiments and tests


Drive, 3-phase inverter, self-recording voltmeter S-Recorder-L with 2 DAC channels, digital I / O boards with isolated channels, relay boards, industrial computers with passive cooling, software


There are 3 industrial control computers installed on the CDR with software that controls the attached   CDR equipment. The computer in the control room controls the motor inverter and transformation systems, as well as curtains, lighting and equipment operation via ADC/DAC, digital modules developed by NPF ADSilab LLC

The programmes include a program for setting up, preparing the experiment and controlling the rotation, as well as the program" Perimeter " for measuring the reaction time of the subject.

A video of the work of the CCR can be viewed here:  RussianCosmos