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Temperature and humidity monitoring system in warehouses


Stage 1: monitoring and registration of changes in temperature and humidity in the storage rooms of medicines with requirements for compliance with storage standards with an alarm as messages to the remote administrator server

Stage 2: control of the ventilation/air conditioning system for heating/cooling in order to make and maintain normal storage conditions for medicines


 Stage 1: a system for monitoring environmental parameters has been developed, which includes clusters with temperature and humidity sensors (up to 64 channels in each room with a length of up to 100 m), data is collected and stored in each module on a removable flash disk, data is accessed via wired Ethernet or wireless WiFi with messages warning about exceeding user-defined thresholds (going beyond the specified temperature range, humidity).

Stage 2: the developed system assumed the expansion of functions due to the presence of I / O ports, to which a control module with solid-state relays of the "dry contact" type is connected to control ventilation drives and / or turn on heating/air conditioning with PID regulation