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Accelerometer or vibration sensor three-component  АР-2038Р


  • Measurement of vibration and shock acceleration in diagnostic systems and in laboratory studies under conditions of strong electromagnetic fields.

    It is connected to the self-recording voltmeters of the Flash-Recorder-3 series




High values combination of axial sensitivity, natural frequency and shock resistance.

Low sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.

Built-in preamp.

Wide range of supply voltage and current.

Low self-noise level.

Detachable connection with a cable.

Technical specifications

Conversion factor of 10 mV/m / s2

Relative coefficient of transverse transformation (less than) 0.05

Operating frequency range 0.5 ... 12000 Hz

The maximum value of the amplitude of the measured value is 500 m·s2

Maximum impact (peak value) 1000 g

The frequency of the installation resonance in the axial direction (more than) 35 kHz

Noise level, SKZ [1 Hz ÷ 10 kHz ] (less than) 0.003 m / s2

Output impedance less than 500 ohms

The constant voltage level at the output is 8 ... 13 In

Power supply-voltage 18 ... 30 V-current 2 ... 20 mA

The operating mode time setting is 4 seconds

Operating temperature range -55 ... 125 °C

Coefficient of ambient air temperature influence in the operating temperature range ( = ) 0.2 % / °C

Connector type AR09 (M6*0.5)

Output direction-horizontal