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A pressure sensor is a device whose physical parameters change depending on the pressure of the measured medium (liquid, gas, steam). In the sensors, the pressure of the measured medium is converted into a unified pneumatic, electrical signals or a digital code.

The pressure sensor consists of a primary pressure converter, which includes a pressure sensor element, a secondary signal processing circuit, various components of the body parts design, including hermetically connector to the object and protecting it from external influences, and information signal output device. The main differences between some devices are the measurement limits, dynamic and frequency ranges, the accuracy of pressure registration, permissible operating conditions, weight and size characteristics, which depend on the principle of converting pressure into electrical signal: strain gauge, piezoresistive, capacitive, inductive, resonant, ionization, piezoelectric and others.

Absolute and relative pressure sensors have standard voltage outputs or current outputs of 0-5mA ; 4-20 mA

PCB 113B28 Dynamic Pressure Sensor with Integrated ICP-powered Amplifier

It can be connected directly to devices of the Flash-Recorder-3 series

Technical specifications:

Maximum Range: 50 psi (344.7 kPa)

Sensitivity: (15%) 100 mV / psi (14.5 MV/kPa)

Lower limit of the measurement frequency: (-5%) 0.5 Hz

Natural resonance frequency: >=500 kHz (>=500 khz)

Connector Type: UNF 10-32 Coaxial

Weight: 4.5 GM


Dynamic pressure sensor PS2001-205

Conversion factor 200 (=60) mV/Mpa

The upper limit of the measured pressures is 25 MPa

The natural resonance frequency is 30 kHz

The limits of the permissible basic error

reduced to the upper limit of measurements ± 3%

Limits of permissible additional relative measurement error in the operating temperature range for every 10 °C ± 0.2%

Acceleration sensitivity (less than) 0.001 bar/g

The constant voltage level at the output is 8 ... 11 V

Power supply-voltage 15 ... 30 V

- current 2 ... 20 mA

Operating temperature range -40 ... 125 °C

Connector type AR03 (10-32UNF) Output

Direction vertical