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Program for collecting, displaying in real time and post viewing the collected data  S-Recorder

The software product can be used independently of the hardware of software and hardware complexes, providing a service for working with alf files. When storing data in elf files, the subsequent possibility of viewing and analyzing them by the software product is provided, as well as the possibility of converting them into files of other formats

You can download the description of the S-Recorder program here:  SRecorder_manual

a demo version of the S-Recorder program, which works in the signal emulation mode, can be found here: S-Recorder Demo

the working version of the S-Recorder program is here:  S-Recorder

Program for correcting the time of data in the ALF: SetTime

The S-Recorder program is a software that is an integral part of multi-channel software and hardware complexes for data collection and analysis supplied by ADClab, both on the basis of devices developed by this company and on the basis of third-party devices.

This software product provides management and configuration of such software and hardware complexes, provides a convenient user interface for collecting, viewing, saving, exporting and structuring data received from them during data collection.

To store the data received during the collection process, the ADCLABFF file format is used. Files of this format have the extension *. alf. ADCLABFF - a specialized binary file format developed by ADClab specifically for storing large amounts of data. This format provides the ability to quickly write data sequentially and quickly access data when reading. Further, for brevity, speaking of files containing data in the ADCLABFF format, we will call them "alf files".