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The software "Voltmetr" allows you to record the measured signals as an ALF file format compatible with the S-Recorder programme, which allows you to use it to view files and work with these tools using S-Recorder.

A brief description of the programme can be downloaded here: Voltmeter _manual 

You can download the programmes here:  Voltmeter 

The software "Voltmetr" is intended to be used jointly with the devices S-Recorder-E, S-Recorder-L, S-Recorder-2, Flash-Recorder-SD, Flash-Recorder-2-16, as well as bundled with the software "S-Recorder", which is used for subsequent detailed viewing of the measured values recorded in the file. The software "Voltmetr" can display numerically and graphically up to 32 values of signals on the corresponding inputs of the devices. Moreover, these quantities can be converted into physical ones by mathematical calculating the real quantity of the measured electrical ones, provided that they are linearly dependent. To do it, a user just needs to enter the calculated weight coefficients and assign the required symbols and units to be displayed. Such capabilities make the software to be a convenient and simple measurement tool for most tasks solved by a modern engineer.