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Devices for field conditions operation

They are made in a durable aluminum alloy housing to operate in harsh conditions, powered by built-in batteries operating in a wide temperature range of -30...+55°C

DIN-rail version

For installation in power cabinets, control and monitoring of supply networks, data collection and management

Compact portable options

Devices with built-in ICP power sources and a battery for portable measuring systems

For laboratories

Cheap and affordable decisions for experiments under normal operating conditions

Metrologically certified measuring instruments

Voltmeters of the S-Recorder-E/L/2-16, Flash-Recorder-2-16, Flash-Recorder-3 series in six modifications are included in the register of measuring instruments

Description and Technical details here:

Flash-Recorder-3 M



Smart control system

Flash-Recorder-3 has a built-in quad-core ARM processor running under the Linux operating system (an option with Linux ASTRA is possible), external Ethernet and WiFi communication interfaces allow the system to be constantly in touch with the server

More detail

Introductory videos of the devices use as a part of systems can be viewed at the links:

Universal measuring complex SENSOR-M for testing strength:

Bridge emergency warning system:

Monitoring system for accident-hazardous sections of railway tracks:

Railway monitoring system.pptx (11.8 Mb)

Link for downloading files: